Foreign Affairs Minister Says No Such Thing As RM5,700 Parking Allowance For Ministers

"Because as far as I know, such a thing does not exist."

Cover image via Twiter @saifuddinabd & SCMP

Cabinet Ministers are not given RM5,700 monthly parking allowance, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs Saifuddin Abdullah

The Foreign Affairs Minister said this on his Twitter today while responding a viral tweet that claimed that parking allowance received by a minister is higher than that of a doctor's salary.

"Bro, minister parking allowance? Please kindly explain. Because as far as I know, such a thing does not exist," Saifuddin tweeted in reply to a tweet that has since been deleted.

The Foreign Affairs Minister's denial comes after a newspaper cutting detailing ministers' wages and allowances went viral yesterday

"The information is incorrect," Saifuddin said while responding to a tweet that carried the newspaper cutting alleging that ministers earn more in parking allowance than a doctor's monthly salary.

According to a report in Malay Mail, the information in the undated newspaper cutting was allegedly based on claims that went viral on the Internet and not obtained through official means.

He also said that monthly salary and allowances per minister are the same, except for the prime minister and the deputy prime minister

"If there is a different notation, it is because each of them has their own deductions (debt repayment, party contributions, and others) that are different," Saifuddin said while quote-tweeting a tweet that showed a list of Cabinet minister's asset declaration published by news portal Malaysiakini.

The issue about the alleged parking allowance went viral after a controversial move announced by the Public Service Department: