Former DJ's Savings Account Went Negative RM90 Million While He Was Travelling In Paris

There were no transaction records of a transfer showing the money being wired out.

Cover image via Luke Loke (Facebook) & Sin Chew

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On 21 January, former DJ Luke Loke shared on a now-deleted Facebook post that he woke up to a nightmare while he was in Paris

Luke said in the post that upon waking up, he noticed a missed phone call from his bank, which dialled him at 5.18am, reported Sin Chew Daily.

At the time, he was not sure why the bank had called his number, and he proceeded to check his bank account balance online.

To his surprise, he saw his savings account was displaying a negative amount of RM90 million.

"I don't know what happened, I just know that at 5.18am, Paris time, the bank called me. But because I was sleeping, I didn't pick up the call," he wrote.

Luke Loke in Paris, France.

Image via Luke Loke (Facebook)

Luke said that he had initially thought that only a few hundred ringgit was gone, but the amount of money lost in his account was much more than he had imagined

He added that there were no transaction records of a transfer showing the money being transferred out, and due to the time difference between Kuala Lumpur and Paris, he was unable to contact the bank immediately.

The former DJ then made the Facebook post at 6pm and included a screenshot of his bank balance, which showed a negative amount of RM99,8444,076.92.

Luke's bank balance.

Image via Sin Chew

A few days later, Luke made another Facebook post saying that the bank was in the midst of solving the issue

He said in the post that he managed to talk to a bank manager after staying up until 2am.

According to Luke, the manager was eager to help him and explained the problem to him carefully.

Luke also included a picture of himself drinking coffee in Montmarte to show that he was fine.

As for the previous Facebook post, he said that he took it down because he did not want to trouble the bank's employees.

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