Selangorians Can Get Free Healthcare Services Based On This Condition

The announcement was made yesterday by Selangor MB Azmin Ali.

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If you've lived in Selangor for more than 10 years and earn less than RM3,000, you will be eligible for free healthcare services under the 'Skim Peduli Sihat'

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Selangor MB Azmin Ali made the announcement yesterday when presenting the Selangor Budget 2017 at the state legislative assembly yesterday, 31 October.

The scheme that will be introduced to address the rising cost of living will benefit about one million Selangorians that are in the B40 category

Selangor MB Azmin Ali

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"For this purpose, we propose to allocate RM125 million annually for the implementation of the scheme, which will provide free healthcare services for 250,000 families, or one million Selangorians who earn a monthly household income of RM3,000 and below," said Azmin, as reported by Malaysiakini yesterday, 31 October.

Third party healthcare administrator, Selgate Corporation has been appointed to manage the state government scheme

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Selgate will allocate RM500 every year for each family that is eligible to receive the financial assistance.

Azmin also said that each participant will receive a health card and their wives and children below the age of 21 will be entitled to treatments by general practitioner based on certain conditions.

1,000 clinics in Selangor and Klang Valley will be participating in this scheme.

The Selangor 2017 Budget will see an allocation of RM3.45 billion, a 20% hike from last year's RM2.88 billion. It is also the largest state budget with an increment of RM570 million.

It is also the third consecutive deficit budget tabled by Azmin. The state government is expected to record a RM900 deficit next year.

He acknowledged that Selangor has adopted an honest attitude by presenting the budget with RM900 million deficit.

A total of RM1.65 billion or 47.8% of the budget is allocated for operating expenditure.

Meanwhile, RM1.8 billion or 52% of the budget will be allocated for development expenditure. This is a 25% increase or RM360 million compared to Budget 2016.
To develop Selangor, he said, the state government will increase the development expenditure by 25%.

Budget 2017 saw multiple allocations for the B40 group to help them with the rising cost of living: