French Ambassador Congratulates Tun M's Prime Minister Appointment In Fluent BM

"Saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada warganegara Malaysia."

Cover image via France In Malaysia

Frédéric Laplanche, who is France's Ambassador to Malaysia, recently shared his heartfelt congratulations to Malaysians on the results of GE14 using only the Malay language

The video posted on the French Embassy's Facebook page yesterday, 17 May, starts off by showing bloopers of Laplanche stumbling over the congratulatory message.

After a few unsuccessful tries, he finally gets the hang of it

"I would like to congratulate all citizens of Malaysia for the change through GE14. And congratulations to Tun Dr Mahathir for being appointed as the new Prime Minister," he said as translated in the video subtitles.

He added that the release and pardon of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is an achievement for human rights.  

Here's the video:

Tahniah, Malaysia!

We've witnessed a historic week in Malaysia. The French Ambassador to Malaysia, Frédéric Laplanche, would like to congratulate the rakyat in Bahasa Malaysia.

Posted by France in Malaysia on Thursday, 17 May 2018

Mr Ambassador, your BM boleh pakai lah! :D

Image via Giphy

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