Frog Found In Lemang Purchased At Ramadan Bazaar In Jalan Kuching

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Cover image via Farah Adila's Facebook

Yesterday, Facebook user Farah Adila uploaded a photo detailing a very disgusting discovery during sahur (pre-dawn meal). There was a frog inside a lemang she had purchased.

According to the photo's caption, Farah Adila and her husband bought the dish at a bazaar the night before the incident. Obviously, they were put off by the dead amphibian.

Caption reads: "My husband and I had to stop our sahur because of this frog that we found inside the lemang we bought at the bazaar last night. We were nauseated by the sight."

Farah and her husband bought the lemang from a stall at a Ramadan bazaar in Jalan Kuching

“The bazaar was a big one and my husband loves lemang. We noticed only one stall in the bazaar selling lemang and we purchased three pieces. As we had already broken fast with other food items, we decided to have the lemang during sahur." said Farah

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