Frozen Carcasses Of 7 Tiger Cubs Found Inside A Car At A Hanoi Parking Lot

Three men have been arrested by authorities in the case.

Cover image via NSTP

On 23 July, seven tiger carcasses were seized by police in Hanoi

The haul of frozen tiger carcasses that were found in a Hanoi parking lot has led to arrest of a key wildlife trafficking suspect, according to Vietnamese state media.

While all seven tigers appeared to be cubs, it was not immediately clear if the dead tigers had come from the wild or from the many illegal tiger farms in Laos, which supply much of Asia's demand for tiger meat and parts, The Jakarta Post reported.

The key suspect, Nguyen Huu Hue was arrested with two other men after the seven dead tigers were found inside their parked car

According to an official mouthpiece of the Ministry of Public Security, Hue is believed to have smuggled animals in from neighbouring Laos for years.

"Hue set up a company... which sells building material as a cover for the illegal trading of tigers and wildlife," AFP reported via Cong An Nhan Dan newspaper.

According to AFP, Vietnam happens to be both a consumption hub and a popular smuggling route for illegal wildlife traffickers

In Vietnam, tiger parts are used for traditional medicine or jewellery, due to which the once-large population of the endangered cats has dwindled dramatically.

Their bones are commonly boiled down and mixed with rice wine to make an elixir believed to treat arthritis and promote strength, AFP reported.

Authorities have previously arrested several other members of the same ring operating from a central province which shares a border with Laos.

Meanwhile, close home, with only 200 iconic Malayan tigers left in the wild, the species could go extinct by 2022:

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