Germany Renamed A Train Station 'Kuala Schlumpur' For 3 Days

Malaysia is, once again, making international news for the wrong reasons.

Cover image via @andre__loop (Instagram) & @eimsbuettelernachrichten (Instagram)

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Recently, a train station in Germany chose to rebrand itself as a spin-off of our capital city, Kuala Lumpur, for three days

The German train station Schlump in Eimsbüttel, Hamburg, was renamed "Kuala Schlumpur" to highlight the issues such as long-term droughts, high temperatures, and increasing sea levels in the city, according to Hamburg Transport Association (HVV) via NDR.

The HVV also changed the names of several bus stops and metro stations to include the names of warmer countries to highlight the potential effects of climate change and raise public awareness around the issue.

Other renamed stations were also spotted in Germany.

Image via @andre__loop (Instagram)

The station names are being changed to raise awareness of "what it could look like if we don't take countermeasures"

Aside from Schlump, the other stations that were renamed include "Seychellingen" from Stellingen, "Havannerbrook" from Hammerbrook, "Saharalandstraße" from Saarlandstraße, and "So Pauli" from St. Pauli.

The campaign is part of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference that is currently being held in Egypt, where top leaders of countries around the world discuss the critical issues of the global warming and the next steps to tackle climate change.

Meanwhile, Tan Sri Dr Jemilah has established a centre to curb the impending climate and disaster crisis in Malaysia:

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