"Give Her Space" - Anwar Wants Malaysians To Respect Nurul Izzah's Resignation

The PKR president revealed this in a statement today, 21 December.

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The resignation of former PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah earlier this week shocked many in the Pakatan Harapan coalition

Following Nurul's announcement, 13 Penang PKR division chiefs called on her to withdraw her resignation on 19 December, according to Borneo Post Online.

On the same day, The Star reported Kota Belud PKR chief Mustapha Sakmud as saying that the party's central leadership should reconsider Nurul's resignation. 

Amid calls for the Permatang Pauh Member of Parliament (MP) to retract her resignation, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim finally broke silence on the issue today, 21 December

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"Nurul Izzah and I have discussed her intention to step down," Anwar was quoted by Malay Mail as saying in a statement today. 

"I do know that with the pace of political developments having been relentless for the last nine months, she is sick and tired of the deception and machinations of those who are far more interested in playing politics instead of focusing on helping the rakyat they purport to serve," the PKR president said about his eldest daughter's resignation.

Anwar then elaborated on "deceptions and machinations" in his statement

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"For example, there is disillusionment by the recent jumping of MPs to save their political skins or worse still, to shore up power for nefarious ends," Anwar said. 

"This (Nurul's resignation) is an indictment of certain individuals within the party leadership ranks whose deceptive platitudes place individual greed above party unity," the PKR president added. 

Anwar then acknowledged that his daughter's decision is a "great loss" to the party

"While I cannot deny that her decision is a great loss to not only PKR but the entire nation, I call on all party members, and indeed all Malaysians to respect her decision, and give her space to reflect on and ultimately decide on her next course of action," Anwar urged, according to The Star

He then assured that with her "Reformasi" spirit and sense of duty, the Permatang Pauh MP will continue to serve Malaysians "honourably and admirably". 

Here's a recap of Nurul's resignation from her PKR posts:

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