42 foodpanda Riders Send The Same Order To 7-Year-Old's Home Due To App Glitch

Neighbours were shocked by the arrival of the Foodpanda riders in their neighbourhood.

Cover image via Dann Kayne Suarez (Facebook)

A seven-year-old girl in Cebu City, Philippines, was recently shocked to find 42 foodpanda riders arriving at her house at the same time

SunStar Cebu reported that on Wednesday, 25 November, due to slow Internet connection, a little girl accidentally placed 42 of the same order on the food delivery app.

At the time, her parents were at work and she was trying to purchase a box of chicken fillets for her and her grandmother.

The price of one meal is roughly PHP189 (RM16), but the girl's total bill amounted to PHP7,938 (RM672).

When the crowd of foodpanda riders arrived at the location, one neighbour went on Facebook live and narrated the entire incident.

The neighbour, Dann Kayne Suarez, told SunStar Cebu, "She made orders when the Internet connection was lagging. Then, an error occurred. Since there was an error, she made another order. She repeated it several times."

He also said that the arrival of the foodpanda riders in the neighbourhood stunned other residents, including him.

"The child cried. I pity her because she did not know what had happened," he added.

He also noted that this was not the girl's first time using the application and her parents had taught her how to order food through the platform. However, this was the first time she was met with a slow Internet connection while placing an order.

Feeling sorry for the girl and the delivery riders, neighbours tried to resolve the situation by buying the boxes of chicken fillet for themselves

However, Suarez noted that they were not able to purchase all of the food and some riders had to return to the restaurant.

Suarez's video on Facebook has garnered over 1,000 shares and 48,000 views.

You can watch it below:

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