Grandma Loses More Than RM230,000 After Pests Eat Up The Cash She Kept In A Biscuit Tin

She must really not trust the banks.

Cover image via Penang News Group (Facebook)

A grandmother in Penang realised that a good sum of her savings was destroyed by pests only after her grandson took out the cash that she had kept in biscuit tins under her bed

In a series of videos anonymously uploaded to Facebook group Penang News Group last week, it can be seen that the grandmother, who did not believe in depositing her money in a bank, had decided to keep stacks of her savings in metal containers.

According to the man speaking Hokkien in the videos, there was so much money that he had already spent one night going through them

"So, I took all these out last night and found they were all lightly bitten," he said, while showing a tall pile of RM100 bills.

He said each rubber band-bound stack was about RM10,000 in cash, and there were about 23 stacks there, which came up to a whopping total of RM230,000.

He showed a few more piles that he had manged to divide out that were less damaged

Finally though, he panned to show the remaining banknotes that were bitten beyond recognition and strewn all over the floor

Even the rubber bands holding the money together were falling apart.

"All these ones really can't be used. They all crumbled the moment I took them out," he said.

However, he added that he will spend more time going through them, to salvage some and exchange them at the bank.

Not yet done with the sorting when the videos were taken, he said he managed to save about RM110,000 worth of banknotes that were still in good condition

"It's going to take time to screen and sort through the rest of these banknotes one by one. So many of them need to be repaired before they can be used," he sighed.

Many netizens have since shared the unfortunate video to advise family members, especially their older relatives, to not to keep their money in tin containers.

Maybe it's better to keep our money in the bank

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