GSCinemas Responds To Couple Who Were Bitten By Mites In GSC Mid Valley Megamall

It apologised to the couple for their poor experience.

Cover image via Pei En & GSCinemas (edited)

Earlier today, 8 September, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) took to their official Facebook page to acknowledge an incident that took place at one of the company's cinema halls in Mid Valley Megamall

In the incident, a couple were bitten by mites while they were watching The Nun at GSC Mid Valley Megamall, leaving them with swollen arms and itchiness all over.

They had posted their horrible experience on Facebook, which was widely shared across the platform local media picking it up. The post received over 7.7K shares.

According to the post, which was written by the girlfriend Pei En, the couple were bitten in the middle of the movie when the boyfriend felt itchiness on his lower back.

Image via Pei En

"At first, we didn't really pay much attention to it because we thought it might be just a mosquito bite until I began to feel itchy and start scratching my hand as well.

"So, my boyfriend turned on flashlight with his phone and we saw part of my hand is swelling. He was trying to find out what has caused the itchiness and he flipped the fabric on the seat that we were sitting and he saw few mites were moving around," read the Facebook post by Pei En, who also uploaded photos of the bites.

Image via Pei En

Following the viral post by Pei En, who was watching the movie with her boyfriend, GSCinemas updated their patrons on the incident

GSCinemas added that they have taken immediate remedial action to engage in pest control services for its cinemas following the incident.

"Other immediate remedial steps were to engage pest control services to clean all seats inside the hall. A special treatment was carried out in the affected hall last night, and a special check will be done on the rest of the halls. We will also continue to monitor the situation closely," read the statement posted on its Facebook page on Saturday.

All GSC halls are treated for pests on a monthly basis

While apologising to the couple, Pei En and Damien "for their poor experience while watching a movie at our cinemas", the company said that "it is always in our best intention to provide positive and enriching cinema experiences".

Image via GSCinemas

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