Man Who Harassed Beer Promoter Apologises And Is Currently Being Investigated By Police

However, he has yet to personally apologise to the girl.

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The male shopper who filmed himself verbally harassing a beer promoter at a hypermarket in Kuala Lumpur has issued a public apology for his actions

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A 45-second video of him berating and showing his middle finger towards the female promoter went viral earlier this week, sparking outrage among Malaysians who came to her defence and criticised him for being a "racist". 

The man, who identifies himself as Edi Rejang, admitted that he was the one behind the camera and issued a public apology on Tuesday evening, 20 November, via Twitter

"I would like to apologise publicly to all Malaysians, including the female promoter.

"I admit my fault and I regret my actions towards the promoter," he said, adding that he hopes Malaysians will put the issue to rest. 

Edi revealed that he also met with Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng, who has agreed to set up a meeting with the female promoter so that he can apologise to her personally

In a video posted to Lim's Facebook page, Edi was also seen in a press conference with the Kepong MP, in which he said he did not intend to be racist and that his actions that day were "spontaneous"

Mohamad Edi Bin Mohamad Riyars (Edi Rejang) jumpa kami, PPBM, Amanah & PKR semalam. Dia mohon maaf atas perbuatan kasar & kata-kata kesat dia terhadap seorang gadis penjual di tempat tidak halal. Kami serahkan perkara ini kepada gadis itu dan polis untuk keputusan mereka.

Posted by LIM LIP ENG on Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Edi is also said to have been terminated from his job of 10 years following the incident

According to a Twitter thread by @fiqsunny, a man believed to be staying at the same flat as Edi Rejang, Edi's kids - who are enrolled in a Chinese vernacular school - may have to drop out of said school due to the social media fallout. 

According to New Straits Times, Edi is currently under investigation from the police under Section 509 of the Penal Code

Section 509 covers offences involving words or gestures used to intentionally insult the modesty of a person. If convicted, it carries a maximum five-year prison sentence, a fine, or both. 

Meanwhile, Carlsberg Malaysia has expressed their full support for the promoter. The company also urged all parties to respect her privacy by not revealing and circulating personal information, images, and videos of her.

Image via The Sun Daily

"The harassment she experienced is unacceptable. We are very proud of how she handled the difficult situation and immediately offered support to her, when she reported the incident," Carlsberg Malaysia Managing Director Lars Lehmann said in a statement, as quoted by The Sun

We would like to stress that our sampling activities are strictly for non-Muslim of legal purchasing age only. While we reserve our rights on this matter, our priority lies with the safety and security of our promoter. 

We respect the promoter’s decision not to further pursue the matter. She appreciates the encouraging words and support received from all parties," he added. 

Here's a quick rundown on what happened in the viral video:

In the hoo-ha that ensued, people started circulating photos and personal information involving Edi and his family:

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