10 To 15 Hamas-Held Captives May Be Freed In Exchange For A 3-Day Ceasefire In Gaza

The negotiations are being mediated by Qatar and the US.

Cover image via AFP via New Straits Times & Metro

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Israel and Hamas are reportedly negotiating the release of 10 to 15 Hamas-held captives

Al Jazeera cited an AFP report that half of the hostages may be US citizens. The proposed release of the captives is in exchange for a three-day humanitarian pause.

It's unclear how many captives will be freed. Negotiations, mediated by Qatar and the US, are still ongoing.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants Hamas to free all its hostages in exchange for a ceasefire

"There's a lot of talking going on, a lot of negotiating going on," said Al Jazeera war correspondent Alan Fisher.

"Plus, you’ve got to add this to the mix: (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu said there would be no ceasefire unless all the captives are released. And that is a significant statement to make, particularly as he’s spoken to (US President) Joe Biden on a number of occasions," he added.

Qatari-led mediations have been pivotal in the ongoing Israel-Gaza war

Qatar has been playing an important role in the mediation process. The country's assistance with the negotiations has shown promise.

Hamas has been demanding a prisoner swap in return for the release of thousands of Palestinians currently held in Israeli prisons.

It's unclear how the situation will pan out due to the uncertainty and complexities involved.

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