Health D-G: Celebrate Hari Raya Behind Closed Doors To Protect Your Own Family

Dr Noor Hisham suggested the public should implement a curfew at their own homes to avoid interacting with outsiders.

Cover image via The Straits Times

According to Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham, Malaysians should celebrate Hari Raya within closed doors in order to protect their families

During the press conference announcing the daily COVID-19 updates, he said, "We would like to advocate or even advise the public to have a homely, closed-door Hari Raya."

"This is unprecedented, but at least we can protect our family. We have to protect our own family, our own community."

He even suggested the public should implement a curfew at their own homes to avoid interacting with outsiders.

Dr Noor Hisham stressed that people would need to take precautions even with their own family members, especially with those coming from red zones.

"You need to protect the elderly, you need to protect the [people with disabilities]. This is something you can do, implement a curfew for your own home, and maybe stop visiting from one home to another," he added.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) recorded 36 new COVID-19 cases today, 15 May

Within the 36 new cases, 28 of those infected with COVID-19 are foreigners.

This brings the number of cases in Malaysia to a total of 6,855 but only 1,304 out of the total are active cases.

On the other hand, 88 patients have fully recovered and there were no coronavirus-related deaths within the past day

A total of 5,439 patients have been discharged from hospitals since the disease was first identified in the country.

The MOH's official Twitter account noted that the current recovery rate in Malaysia is 79.34%.

There are currently 14 patients receiving treatment in Intensive Care Units, with five of them requiring breathing assistance.

Besides that, MOH has announced that parents can bring their chidren to the nearest health facility for scheduled immunisation services

On 15 May, MOH issued an official statement on social media along with a caption that read, "Immunisation services at schools could not be carried out due to COVID-19. However, MOH is still providing immunisation services, with Standard 1 students as the priority."

Parents are required to take their children to the nearest health facility once they obtain an appointment schedule from their children's respective schools.

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