The Rain In Klang Valley Made A Lot Of People Angry Today...

Rain, rain, go away?

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This morning saw a heavy downpour of rain, which served as a welcome change from the blazing hot weather Malaysians have been facing for the past month

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However, some of us weren't all cheerful about it when heading to work...

Traffic condition at Cheras around 10.30am.

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Traffic congestion near Istana Negara at 10am.

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It was still congested around the Kuala Lumpur city centre area at 10.30am.

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Office workers checked in to work late on Tuesday morning after being caught in an unusual traffic jam.

Roads around the city were clogged up with cars causing motorists to spend from half an hour to an hour more than normal days.

As usual, Malaysians took it to the social media channels to express their frustrations about this morning's haywire traffic:

One thought that the rain was making everyone drive at "turtle speed"

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'Heavy rain' and 'jam' is like a pair of conjoined twins that cannot be separated

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Okay, the only thing that could make this situation worse, would be getting into an accident in the midst of all this mess

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Maybe it rained because of this...

Anyway, we hope all of you have reached your respective destinations safely!

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We're certainly relieved that the rain helped to cool down the weather a little since it has been really hot recently:

On a separate note, it appears that the we're beginning to see hazy days here in Malaysia as the Indonesian government declared emergency due to forest fires in Sumatran islands:

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