Here's What This M'sian Dad Said That Inspired A PhD Student To Complete Her Studies

Norhidayu's father unfortunately passed away due an illness and did not get to witness his youngest daughter graduate.

Cover image via Harian Metro (YouTube) & Bernama

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29-year-old PhD student Norhidayu Hasan is a plucky woman who was pursuing a PhD course in Language and Malay Linguistics at University Putra Malaysia (UPM)

While strong by nature, nothing could have prepared her for the devastating news of her father's passing in 2019, while she was still in her first year of her studies.

According to Harian Metro, Norhidayu's father unfortunately passed away due to an illness and did not get to witness his youngest daughter graduate.

The lorry driver and canteen operator reportedly passed five days before Norhidayu could present her PhD proposal paper.

Norhidayu, who hails from Jerantut, Pahang, was incredibly close with her father.

Norhidayu posing with her doctorate certificate.

Image via Bernama

It hasn't been easy for the Jerantut native, as she reportedly went through a depressive stage for three months while trying to cope with her grief over losing her father

According to Bernama, Norhidayu reportedly lost weight and her motivation to continue her studies.

"My father passed away so suddenly. I lost my will to continue with the PhD study, and I almost gave up. Losing my father was as if I lost my wings, hands, and feet. I felt so stressed, and I cried every day," Norhidayu said.

However, the 29-year-old carried her father's final words along with her throughout her journey toward attaining her PhD, which were, "Adik, knowledge is everywhere. Don't ever feel tired or bored in your quest for knowledge."

From then on, Norhidayu decided to pick herself back up.

"Instead of continuing to be depressed, [I] went straight back to UPM to present [my] PhD proposal paper. I thought that if I succeeded in my thesis, God would open a path for me, but if I failed, He must have other plans for me," the linguistics student said.

Norhidayu holding back tears while speaking to the press about her tumultuous journey of completing her PhD programme.

Image via Harian Metro (YouTube)

And it was all worthwhile because the student is now known as Dr Norhidayu

Speaking with reporters at the convocation ceremony in Serdang, Norhidayu described the day as a "bittersweet" one.

"My parents made sacrifices for me that are too many to repeat. My strength comes from my parents and without them, there would not be me," the doctorate holder said while trying to hold back her tears.

The 29-year-old also gave props to her closest friend and her older sister for being her pillars of support during her time of need.

"My family lives far from my place of study. But I had my best friend who has helped me through so much. My older sister also always supported me and I would sometimes go to her home to be with her," she reminisced.

The young woman now looks forward to pursuing her dream of becoming a lecturer.

Dr Norhidayu posing with a family member at UPM's 46th convocation held in Serdang.

Image via Harian Metro (YouTube)

You can watch Norhidayu relating her PhD journey below:

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