How The Daughter Of An Alam Flora Worker Topped Everyone In School With 11A's For SPM

No tuition classes, just sheer determination and discipline. Read how Pavitra didn't allow her father's job to limit her path to excellence.

Cover image via Alam Flora

Pavitra A/P Chinapah, a SMK Convent Kajang student, has managed to become the best SPM student in her school by scoring straight A's for all subjects. She is a daughter of an Alam Flora worker.

Pavitra's father is a driver at Alam Flora

Pavitra with her father

Image via Alam Flora

Pavitra, who didn't take any tuition classes, proved that hard work and diligence pays. Her mother said she is very proud of her daughter because of the hard work she had put in all year round.

“She was very focused and hardworking, she would not even leave her books for a minute, I always knew she would get straight As even though she did not go for any tuition classes,” said V.N. Valli.

The toughest subject for her? Pendidikan Moral.

Pavitra's result.

Image via Alam Flora

The news of her success was posted on Alam Flora's Facebook page. In the post, one of the factors behind her success was attributed to her family. A student of Science, she wants to become a dermatologist, an ambition that has her parents' full support.

Pavitra with her result.

Image via Alam Flora

Congratulating her father for motivating Pavitra, Alam Flora expressed gratitude towards him for taking the time and sharing her experience "that is meaningful to her sisters out there."

Alam Flora's post about Pavitra, which has since gone viral on Facebook, is filled with people congratulating her on her success

Image via Alam Flora
Image via Alam Flora
Image via Alam Flora

Congratulations, Pavitra! Hats off to you! Pass this on, inspire someone.

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