Here's The Fastest Way To Register As A Voter Before The Next Elections

The 14th General Elections may be held in March 2017!

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SPR says you can still register after 30 September but don't delay till the last minute

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The Election Commission chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Hashim Abdullah has debunked claims that 30 September is the last day to register as a voter in order for Malaysians to be eligible to vote in the 14th General Elections.

In a statement yesterday, 29 September, Hashim explained that 30 September is only the end date for 2016's third quarter registration list. For people who register after 30 September, their names will be included in the fourth quarter list of registrations.

He also stressed that it's crucial for Malaysians to register as a voter right after they turn 21 instead of dilly-dallying and registering at the eleventh hour.

"The EC commission encourages everyone that has yet to register as voter to take the opportunity to register immediately instead of waiting till the last minute or simply because of viral messages," added the EC chairman.

28 SEPTEMBER: There has been a lot of talk about how the 14th General Elections may be held by March 2017.

If it does happen in March, you should register as a voter before 30 September 2016!

The Bersih rallies became a symbol of the people's fight for a better democracy.

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Malaysians have been slamming their keyboards, marching the streets, actively voicing out their concerns and exercising their rights hoping for sound changes that can lead to progress.

With that said, elections are the key to real changes and speculations are running high about how the 14th General Election could be held sometime next year. The 13th General Elections was held on Sunday, 5 May 2013 and according to the constitution the next election should be called on or before 24 August 2018.

In order for you to be eligible to vote in the 14th General Elections, if it is held next March, you'll have to register as a voter by 30 September 2016.

Only about 13.3 million Malaysians are registered as voters while the remaining 4 million that are eligible to vote have not registered with the Election Commission.

What’s the easiest, most convenient way of registering yourself?

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1) Head to the nearest post office with your IC.

2) Fill in the voter registration form (Form A) and submit it to the registrar. The whole process should take no more than a few minutes.

3) Once the process if done, be sure to check your voter details/status at Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya's website by keying in your IC number.

The post office provides the quickest and easiest way to register as a voter.

Alternatively, you can head to any one of these places to register as a voter:

a) Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) HQ at Aras G, Menara SPR, No.2, Jalan P2T, Presint 2, 62100 Putrajaya.

b) Any of the state election commission offices.

How do you know if you’re eligible? Just in case you’re still unsure, you need to be at least 21 years old

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So, what are the qualifications needed to register as a voter in Malaysia?

a) A Malaysian citizen above the age of 21

b) A resident of an election constituency

c) Is not disqualified by any laws

You are not eligible to register as a voter in Malaysia if;

a) on the qualifying date, you are serving jail term or detained as a person of unsound mind; or

b) before the qualifying date, you have been convicted or sentenced to death or serving a jail term of more than 12 months and you're still liable on the qualifying date; or

c) found guilty under the Election Offences Act, 1954; or

d) have a foreign citizenship (The Malaysian citizenship law does not permit a Malaysian to carry dual citizenship)

What if you're a Malaysian citizen living overseas? Where can you register as voter?

Malaysians queuing up to vote outside the Malaysian High Commission in London during the 13th General Elections.

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If you're a Malaysian citizen living, studying or working overseas with all the qualification to register as voter, here's what you need to do:

1) Go to any one of these three places; the Malaysian High Commission, Malaysian Embassy or the Malaysian Consulate

2) Let them know that you'd like to register as a voter and make sure you bring your IC and passport along.

3) Fill in the relevant forms, ensure that all the details are accurate.

4) Once the process is done, make a copy of the registration form as a reference.

While we are on the topic of voting and changes, here's why you should be interested in politics:

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