Husky Dies Protecting Its Family's Home From A 4-Foot Cobra In Taiping

The husky was adopted by Yap and her family from the streets in July 2019.

Cover image via Yap Y.F. (Facebook)

A husky has died protecting its family from a cobra attack in Taiping, Perak on 20 March

According to Oriental Daily, owner Yap said her husky — named Dai Bao — loved to rest on the front porch of her house.

On the day of the incident at 11am, a four-foot long cobra slithered into Yap's house, and Dai Bao was the first to realise the threat.

Being a selfless guard dog, Dao Bao immediately attacked the venomous snake.

The full-grown husky managed to severely injure the cobra after a fierce battle, but was bitten in the process.

"At the time of the incident, only my mother and daughter were at home," Yap told the Chinese daily.

"When my daughter heard Dai Bao's bark, she went outside the house (to find out what happened)."

Yap said her daughter was surprised to see Dai Bao biting the snake while jolting its body around.

"Following which, Dai Bao loosened its bite and the injured snake fell to the ground. (The snake) and Dai Bao were at a stalemate."

According to her, Dai Bao was gasping for air, its nose was bleeding, and its eyebrows were swollen. Yap said the husky was obviously bitten by the cobra.

She said her mother hurriedly sought help from relatives who live nearby, and they managed to subdue the snake.

"After receiving the call from my mother, I rushed home and took Dai Bao to a veterinary clinic," Guang Ming Daily quoted her as saying.

"However, the veterinarian told my family to be mentally prepared because there is no venom antiserum for animals in Malaysia. The dog had to go through this ordeal in order to survive."

Despite receiving injections and being put on a drip, Dai Bao succumbed to its injuries

In a Facebook post published on 20 March, Yap said she adopted Dai Bao from the streets on 19 July 2019.

"You were in our house for less than two years, and now you've left us," she lamented.

Prior to adopting Dai Bao, she and her children worried that the stray husky would go hungry on the streets. Thus, they brought food to feed it ​​on 2 July 2019.

However, an animal shelter later asked Yap and her family whether they could adopt the husky temporarily.

Since Yap's children love huskies and they promised to take good care of it, she agreed to adopt the stray.

At that time, the husky was about three to four years old. Due to long-term starvation and malnutrition, it weighed only 14.6kg and was suffering from severe skin diseases.

"After raising it for about three months, Dai Bao recovered its health, gained weight, and became a handsome and cute dog, who brought us a lot of joy," Yap said.

She added that her children named Dai Bao after the main character in Disney animated movie Dumbo, reported Oriental Daily.

Her family hoped that by adopting Dai Bao, it could become like the flying elephant Dumbo — being able to find happiness after living a difficult life.

"My friend said that Dai Bao wanted to repay us for adopting it, but we didn't need the favour repaid. We wanted Dai Bao to accompany our family peacefully every day until it gets old," Yap said.

Dai Bao will be buried under a big tree next to Yap's house, which was the husky's favorite place to play.

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