"If You're Hungry, You Can Eat It" - Thai Woman Hangs Bloody Sanitary Pads To Chup Parking

The person who set up the barrier smashed the clothes rack into a car after a woman ignored the bloody pads and decided to park there anyway.

Cover image via Panida Thongmanee (Facebook) & LINE Today/TheSmartLocal

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A woman in Bangkok recently saw bloody sanitary pads being used to guard a parking spot

On Sunday, 26 April, Facebook user Panida Thongmanee uploaded an image on social media showing sanitary pads soaked with blood hanging from a metal clothes rack.

Along with it was a sign that read, "If you're hungry you can eat it, old maid who no one looks after!"

The user noted that it was sighted in Rat Burana district, near a spot she frequents for its tasty eateries.


Posted by Panida Thongmanee on Sunday, April 25, 2021

Local police said that two women who live in the same building had a long and bitter rivalry over its communal parking spaces

Rat Burana district police chief Patsaphong Boodthai told Coconuts Bangkok that the makeshift parking barrier was set up by a 40-year-old grocery store owner named Lek.

A woman named Noi then decided to ignore the bloody pads and parked her Honda Jazz in the guarded spot anyway.

In response to this, Lek smashed the clothes rack into the parked vehicle, causing damage to Noi's car. CCTV footage, as well as the clothes rack, were taken to the police station to be classified as evidence.

The two women were also involved in a heated argument over the parking spot earlier in April

As usual, Lek had set up a clothes rack in the parking spot to deter others. However, Noi moved the clothes rack to use the parking spot and this led to Lek throwing faeces at her car.

The fight then escalated as Noi threw a tree pot at Lek's grocery shop nearby.

Both women have filed property damage complaints against each other and refuse to speak to each other.

The police said both women will be called in to negotiate over their damaged property, as reported by Coconuts Bangkok.

In Malaysia, trying to 'chup' parking spots with objects or persons is an offence under Section 50 (3) of the Road Transport Act 1987:

Meanwhile, DBKL previously noted that business owners are not allowed to block reserved parking lots after operating hours:

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