If Your Friend Shared That Lotus Seed Post, Do Them A Favour, End Their Misery

A Facebook post has been trending online recently. Here at, we investigate to report the truth about that post.

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Recently, Facebook users have been sharing something graphic involving body parts and lotus seed pods

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The link disguises itself using different headlines such as "The Dangers Of Using This Shampoo Brand"

Users who click on the link are then redirected to a malicious site, before asking them to share the link to view the 'video'

The scammers or cybercriminals behind this scam will change the website names and images, so watch out for similar scams with different website names and images. Once on the website, the victim will be asked to complete surveys or share the same website before he/she can view the video.

The story however is a hoax and the image is that of a lotus seed photoshopped onto the body part

The original photo of a lotus seed pod, photoshopped onto a body part

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This picture first surfaced in 2003, as an email scam and resurfaced again in 2006, warning people to wash newly bought bras

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The origin of doing this photoshop began in 2003 when a widespread e-mail spam showed a description that featured the said shop on a woman’s breast.

Online scammers normally use these photos to shock viewers, especially people with Trypophobia (fear of holes in skin)

Lotus seed pods have been commonly known to cause people with Trypophobia (fear of holes in skin) to have bad reactions. This has been easily shown when the pod holes have been photoshopped onto skin.

Social media users are advised to be more careful on what they click and share, especially with websites that have obviously suspicious website names

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