Malaysian Instafamous Teen Draws Flak For Blaming Teachers For Her '7G1E' Results

Siti Norsyafiqah Tajudin, popularly known as Ieka, has apologised for blaming teachers for her poor exam results.

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Social media have been abuzz with news of a school and its teachers getting blamed for a student's bad results in a viral video clip

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According to mStar, 17-year-old Siti Norsyafiqah Tajudin, popularly known as Ieka, blamed teachers in her school in a recent live video on an Instagram account believed to be owned by her mother, after she received '7Gs' and '1E' for her mid-term school examinations.

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Ieka said in the live video that she had stopped going to school and was instead being homeschooled by her mother, reported Amazing Nara. She said that she had been disappointed with the "bad" teachers in the "bad" school in Setia Alam, Selangor.

Ieka is a popular figure on Instagram, alongside her twin sister, Siti Norsyakirah, better known as Iera. Both of them have more than 400,000 followers each on their own personal accounts.

A screenshot of the examination result slip has been circulating on social media.

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The live video, which was reposted on social media, was fiercely criticised as some netizens chided Ieka for blaming her teachers instead of working hard to improve her results

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On the other hand, some also pointed out that Ieka and Iera did not deserve to be attacked on social media

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Both Ieka and Iera have since issued an apology over the issue

The twins uploaded similar images of their statement with the same caption on their respective Instagram accounts yesterday, 26 July.

Ieka and Iera stressed that they did not mean to humiliate the school in the video. They also apologised for mentioning the school's name, promising that such a thing will not happen again.

They added that they will respond to this incident in a positive manner and take it as a lesson to be successful in life.

In a separate post, Ieka also uploaded several screenshots of a message that was believed to have been sent to her mother

It is alleged that the message is from the person who spread the video and results on social media.

Based on the message written, it appears that the person who wrote the message apologised for spreading the video and Ieka's personal information.

It was noted that Ieka wrote in the post caption, "Yes, you may apologise but you messed with the wrong person." 

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