Someone Named This Road In Shah Alam Jalan Keling Pundek 1 On Google Maps


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An image of a road map with a road named, 'Jalan Keling P#nd#k 1' has been circulating on social media for the past few days

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According to Google Maps, the road is located in Shah Alam, Selangor.

The word keling is a derogatory term that is used to refer to the Indian community in Malaysia, while p#nd#k, is an insult word that refers to a woman's genitals.

Surprisingly, most netizens weren't offended by the road name:

Image via Facebook/MGAG
Image via Facebook/MGAG

While the comment sections on social media are buzzing - with most people wondering if the road name actually exists - the residents in the area have claimed that they've never seen or heard of the road signage

Free Malaysia Today (FMT) spoke to a few residents in the area, which is a Malay reserve land and most said that they've never heard of 'Jalan Keling P#nd#k 1'.

"I've lived here for 13 years, but no, I’ve never heard of such a road," Alia Rosli told FMT, and Rosli, who was born and raised in the same area told the English daily that he, too, is not aware of such a road name there.

However, another resident FMT spoke to, Intan Suhana, who has lived in that area for about 15 years now, said that she discovered the road name given to her neighbourhood about two years ago via Google Maps.

"When I shared my house's location with relatives and friends, they asked me if that's the right location," explained Intan. It was reported that the closest road to 'Jalan Keling P#nd#k 1' is Jalan Rezab Buang.

Shedding light on the matter, a Shah Alam Municipal Council (MBSA) spokesman clarified that he has also checked the area and confirmed that there is no road in that area with that name

"It doesn’t exist. I don't know how the name is on Google when it doesn’t even exist," stressed MBSA corporate communications head Shahrin Ahmad, when speaking to FMT.

Shahrin added that the authorities would have not approved of such a name anyway, as it is clearly inappropriate.

"It's not like we didn't go to school. We know what is sensitive and what is not," he added.

The road name has already been removed from Google Maps

Image via Google Maps

Note: Users can submit edits and information about a place to Google Maps. According to Google Support, the information is usually reviewed before being edited or published. Read more about Google Maps editing here.

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