Jamal Gets A RM400 Fine For Smashing Beer Bottles But He Still Thinks It Was Worth It

He claims he had no intention of creating chaos with his actions.

Cover image via theSun

After smashing beer bottles last October, Sungai Besar UMNO division chief Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos claimed that his efforts in preventing the side effects of drinking "paid off" despite being fined RM400 earlier today, 11 July

"As an NGO leader, I do not want to see the people suffering from the side effects of drinking where they get drunk and obstruct the peace," Jamal was quoted as saying by Free Malaysia Today, in reference to his infamous bottle-smashing in front of the Selangor state secretariat building last October.

He also claimed that he did not mean to create chaos despite being charged with committing public nuisance with his actions.

Jamal was escorted out of the Shah Alam magistrate's court earlier today, 11 July.

Image via theSun

"It was just a gimmick as a protest against the Selangor government for its plans to approve the Oktoberfest event that could have encouraged everyone to consume alcohol openly," he added.

"I bought the cartons worth RM1,800, with my own money and broke them as a sign of protest," he was quoted as saying by theSun.

The UMNO division chief also thought that his efforts had "paid off" following the cancellation of the Oktoberfest event last year.

Jamal's statement came after he was convicted of committing public nuisance at the Shah Alam magistrate's court earlier today

theSun reported that the UMNO division chief admitted to Section 290 of the Penal Code for causing disaster, danger, and public nuisance with his actions. Charges were read out to him in front of Magistrate Raja Noor Adilla Raja Mahyaldin.

He was subsequently slapped with a maximum fine of RM400 after his conviction.

Jamal appealed for leniency after pleading guilty to causing a public nuisance.

His lawyer, Datuk Mohd Imran Tamrin was reported by New Straits Times as asking for the fine to be reduced to RM50 as Jamal's stunt was "in the best interest of the general public".

Meanwhile, Jamal had claimed trial to the charge of escaping from police custody, where he disappeared from the Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital three days after he was arrested on 22 May

Jamal is also in the process of completing bail for other criminal charges against him. 

Jamal was arrested by the Indonesian police last week after a month-long surveillance:

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