A Japanese Company Gave Coronavirus Bonuses To Employees

The gift was a bonus of 30,000 yen (RM1,230).

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The novel coronavirus outbreak has led several workplaces to take precautions, such as allowing staff to work from home or requiring them to self-quarantine if they travel to affected countries

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However, due to the nature of some jobs, not everyone gets to work remotely.

For example, this one Japanese company.

On 5 March, Twitter user @the_folkees tweeted a photo along with a caption that read, "This is how my company is dealing with the coronavirus".

The company apparently gave its employees a thank-you note with a gift to appreciate them amidst the outbreak.

The gift was a bonus of 30,000 yen (RM1,230)

According to a translation by SoraNews24, the letter was titled, New-type Coronavirus Countermeasure Support Funds.

The management started off in the note by thanking their employees for their hard work in meeting clients and visiting job sites despite this COVID-19 period.

Aside from wanting to show their appreciation, the note also listed several other reasons why the company offered a special bonus

It mentioned that the money is to aid staff in purchasing coronavirus preventive supplies, such as masks and hand sanitisers, which have been increasing in price.

"Because good health requires taking proper care of your physical and mental condition, please use this money to purchase groceries to cook, rent videos to watch, or otherwise make your time at home more enjoyable," the note read, according to SoraNews24.

"In difficult situations like the current one, let's all keep looking ahead to better things to come."

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Naturally, the company's gesture has received praise from the Internet.

Several even joked about wanting to apply for a job there.

"Seriously let me get a job at that company! Great manager!"

"A company that takes care of its employees will grow." 

"My company should respond like this too."

"It's a wonderful workplace. Such a company will make you want to work hard."

Welp, time to send in my resume

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If you are allowed to work from home though, don't get in trouble like these guys:

In the meantime, continue to wash your hands and please stop fighting over toilet paper: