A Japanese Princess Is Giving Up Her Royal Status To Marry A Commoner

It's a real life fairy tale.

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Japan's Princess Mako has officially announced her engagement to commoner, Kei Komuro

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This means that she will have to give up her royal status

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Under Japanese Imperial law, female members of the Imperial family who choose to marry a commoner will be made to give up their status.

But the princess is not upset.

"I was aware since my childhood that I'll leave a (sic) royal status once I marry," she told reporters. "While I worked to help the emperor and fulfil duties as a royal family member as much as I can, I've been cherishing my own life."

The couple met in 2012 when they were just 20 years old

They were both students in Tokyo's International Christian University and met through a mutual friend. They became close while participating in an orientation session for study abroad programs.

The two then maintained a long distance relationship for about a year while studying overseas. The princess was in Britain while Komuro was in the United States.

Komuro eventually proposed to the princess during a dinner in December 2013.

Here are a few fun facts about Komuro:

1. He works in a law firm

Komuro has been employed at a law firm since 2016. He isn't a qualified lawyer just yet but is in the midst of studying at the Hitotsubashi University’s Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy. He will major in business law.

2. He used to be known as the "Prince of the Sea"

Kei Komuro (left) as The Prince of the Sea

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In 2010, Komuro starred as a "Prince of the Sea" in a beach tourism campaign for the Shonan beaches in Kanagawa Prefecture.

His former co-worker was quoted saying in a news report that “He was like a prince. He was studying hard about Fujisawa so he could promote the city. Since he was fluent in English, he would actively talk with foreign people."

The website of the tourist association listed violin playing, skiing and cooking as Komuro’s hobbies. It also said that Komuro hoped to be able to engage in diplomacy someday.

3. His favourite quote is "let it be"

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During a news conference in Tokyo’s Akasaka district on Sunday morning, Komuro said his favorite quote was "let it be".

4. His friends call him the "life of the party"

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In a report by The Japan Times, Yutaro Fujiyama, one of Komuro's former classmates, called Komuro the "life of the party". He also said that Komuro liked making people laugh.

Fujiyama also recalled a memory of the two from university. “For my birthday party when I was a freshman, Komuro made us feel relaxed by bringing in a pizza topped with a heap of meat.”

5. The princess and him compare their relationship to the sun and the moon

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“I was first attracted to his bright smiles that seemed like the sun,” Princess Mako was quoted saying. “Together with Mr. Komuro, I would like to make a warm and peaceful family that is full of smiles.”

In response, Komuro said that Princess Mako “has been quietly watching over me like the moon. ”

“I would like to have a family that is always calm and peaceful," he added.

Emperor Akihito, the current emperor of Japan, officially approved of the engagement during a ceremony on Sunday

The wedding will likely take place in 2018.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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