Local Journalist Was Humbled To See Japanese Reporters Picking Up Rubbish At KL Hospital

Media from all over the world have been camping in front of Hospital Kuala Lumpur since Kim Jong-nam's high profile murder.

Cover image via Amirul Sajadi Facebook

The murder of Kim Jong-nam, half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, at KLIA2 on 13 February has no doubt propelled Malaysia into the international spotlight

Image via CNN

Hence, it's no surprise that reporters from all over the world have gathered here to keep up with the high-profile case, with most camping out at Hospital Kuala Lumpur where Kim's body is being kept

Day and night, reporters from all over the world camped outside HKL, where Kim's body is being kept.

Image via AP / Yonhap

But this is not a story about Kim Jong-nam's murder. This is a humbling story about what some reporters from Japan did after an entire day of camping outside the hospital.

In a Facebook post, BERNAMA reporter Amirul Sajadi wrote, "The behaviour of the Japanese media/people really amazed me with their discipline in maintaining cleanliness, even though they're not in their own country."

"It's normal for media people, when you get an assignment, to camp out until the end. You even eat and drink on-site because you don't want to miss out on the news. So obviously, there's rubbish everywhere," he wrote.

"From 5.00am to 2.00am the next day, the media is always waiting on the status of Kim's remains at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. As it gets later, many will start to return home to rest, as they'd have to be here early tomorrow morning to camp out again."

As he finished packing up his equipment, Amirul noticed a group of Japanese reporters lingering and walking around with plastic bags in their hands. They were picking up the rubbish left behind.

"As I finished packing up my equipment, I noticed a group of Japanese media who haven't left. They look like they were looking for something while holding plastic bags, I thought they'd lost something. As I continued observing them, I realised I was wrong. They were actually picking up the trash that has accumulated where the media had gathered," he wrote.

That's not all they did. Instead of just piling the rubbish bags in one corner, the Japanese reporters actually brought it with them when they boarded a taxi.

"I was humbled that foreigners helped to pick up the trash. What shocked me even more was that they took it with them when they got on a taxi, I'm not even sure where they're bringing the rubbish bags to. Their discipline is admirable! I thought they were only going to gather it in one spot so it's easier for the clean-up crew to pick up," Amirul wrote.

"I 'salute' them because they still maintain their admirable culture and discipline in a foreign country. Maybe we, as Malaysians, can emulate their ways."

Amirul took short videos of the Japanese reporters cleaning up the place. You can watch them here:

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