JB Hawker Stall Owner Was Attacked With A Kitchen Knife After He Smiled At A Customer

He had wounds on his face, forehead, and his left arm.

Cover image via China Press (edited)

Yesterday, 1 April, a 21-year-old hawker stall owner in Johor Bahru was attacked with a kitchen knife after smiling at a man who was recently discharged from Hospital Permai

Image via China Press

China Press reported that the owner, who sells hotplate rice, smiled at the man as he approached the hawker stall.

The owner was also heard saying "haha" before he triggered the man who used to be a psychiatric patient at Hospital Permai Johor Bahru.

The man then attacked the owner with a kitchen knife after assuming that he was mocked by the owner

"Are you staring at me? Are you laughing at me?" asked the 33-year-old suspect before attacking the hawker stall owner with a kitchen knife multiple times.

As a result, the owner suffered from wounds on his face, forehead, and his left arm. Witnesses also told China Press that the owner's chin was nearly split open by the kitchen knife.

A witness alleged that an ambulance arrived at the scene after the man had been bleeding for more than 30 minutes

Some members of the public and medical officers helped to put the hawker stall owner on a stretcher.

Image via China Press

The owner was sent to Sultanah Aminah Hospital for treatment after members of the public and medical officers helped to put him on a stretcher. 

The suspect was detained by Johor Bahru North district police under Section 326 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means

Johor Bahru North deputy police chief Superintendent Beh Eng Lai was quoted by China Press as saying that the suspect will also remain detained until June this year.

When asked by the police why he committed the act, the suspect claimed that the owner owed money, and he was directed by someone to attack the owner.

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