JB Man Accused Of Illegal Entry Because He Used The Toilet At Singapore's Immigration

He was on his way to work in Singapore.

Cover image via The Straits Times

Yesterday, 19 December, a man from Johor Bahru detailed his experience of being shamed at Singapore's immigration checkpoint

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Image via The Straits Times

"I was on the way to work in Singapore and I was stuck in a one-hour jam," the man wrote on Facebook yesterday. He did not clarify which checkpoint he was at.

However, he had a stomach ache while being stuck in the jam, and he needed to use the toilet.

The man then decided to walk to Singapore's immigration checkpoint in hopes of finding a toilet to use

"I had a stomach ache, so I left the car and walked to the immigration checkpoint to use the toilet," the man said. 

However, he bumped into a Singaporean immigration officer, who told him to "settle" his stomach ache on the spot. 

"He only reluctantly brought me to a toilet later on, and gave me five minutes to finish my business," the man added.

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Image via Restroom Association Singapore

After he was done using the toilet, the man said he was taken to the immigration office, and was handed a letter accusing him of illegal entry

"I was taken to the (immigration) office and was handed a letter accusing me of illegal entry," the man said. He was then told to "go back to Malaysia" and re-enter Singapore.

He then advised the public against using the toilet at Singapore's immigration checkpoint. 

"If you're having a stomach ache, don't walk to Singapore's immigration checkpoint. Walk back to Malaysia's checkpoint instead," the man wrote.

"Don't let Singaporean officers embarrass and detain (you) before letting you return to Malaysia," he added.

You can read the man's post in full here.

Meanwhile, Malaysian immigration officers aren't that far off in mistreating visitors to our country:

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