JB Teacher Who Caned A 13-Year-Old For Calling Him "Ah Gua" To Be Probed

The incident is being investigated by the Johor State Education Department.

Cover image via China Press

The Johor State Education Department is probing a viral video where a Form One student was reportedly caned by her teacher, leaving multiple bruises on her body

China Press reported that the investigation was confirmed by Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching earlier today, 25 June.

According to Malay Mail, Education Minister Maszlee Malik vowed to meet with the girl's parents to facilitate investigations.  

A video of the girl's mother confronting the teacher for his act of caning in a secondary school located in Johor Bahru had gone viral on social media yesterday.

At the time of writing, it has garnered over 5,000 shares and retweets on both Facebook and Twitter.

The teacher claimed that he caned the student after she called him an "ah gua" – a term commonly used in the Chinese community to refer to transgenders

According to Free Malaysia Today, the man also claimed that the student only apologised to him after her friend told her to do so. She also did not apologise while she was being caned by him. 

He also admitted that he had gone overboard with the caning, and pleaded the mother to understand that he was insulted by the student in front of everyone. 

Image via China Press

Nonetheless, the girl's mother continued to criticise the man in the viral video.

"You are a teacher, you cannot do this, you are wrong. She only said words to you, she didn't hit you, did she?" the mother said to the teacher in the video. 

"If she hit you, then it would be fine for you to hit her back," she added. 

The mother also claimed in the video that her daughter's arm suffered so many bruises, there could be a broken bone. She also argued that the 13-year-old could barely move her left arm anymore.

A police report has since been lodged over the incident

The student holding copies of the police report in her mother's car.

Image via China Press

The mother lodged the report at North Johor Bahru district police headquarters, according to China Press. 

Former students at the school have since voiced their support for the teacher

Image via China Press

"Although I wasn't taught by this teacher, but I know all my friends think this teacher is amazing," one netizen wrote on Facebook. 

"I hope everyone stay logical over this issue. Even though the teacher is in the wrong, but there was a reason why he acted like that... He even said he wouldn't mind if he was insulted behind his back, but he was embarrassed in front of everyone," the netizen added.

Image via China Press

Another netizen, who claimed to be an ex-student of the teacher, also chipped in on the incident. 

"I was taught by this teacher, I know him, he won't get angry at students easily," the netizen wrote. 

"He's so nice, even if you fail an exam, he won't get angry. He will tell you to work harder next time," the netizen added. 

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