13-Year-Old Builds His Brother A Powerbank At Home Because He Couldn’t Afford One

The young boy is a student at Sekolah Sultan Ismail in Johor Bahru.

Cover image via goodensora/twitter

A twitter user in Johor recently shared how his younger brother made a powerbank at home after he had mentioned that he wanted to buy one but had to wait until the end of the month for cash

"I told my brother "I want to buy powerbank but don't have cash".

"Look what he made for me. A handmade powerbank. I'm really grateful to have a little brother like him. Later, I'll treat him at McD as promised," the twitter user tweeted.

In a separate tweet, he added that his brother gifted him the home-made powerbank when he returned home from work

"...he showed me the hand-made powerbank.

"Even though it's not that perfect, still I appreciate what he did for me. It's not always your little brother do something out of the box," he said.

Last night, the twitter user also shared a short video he made, showing his mobile being charged using the powerbank.

He added that his younger brother, who studies at Sekolah Sultan Ismail, will improve on the design of the home-made equipment.

At the time of writing this story, the original tweet has gone viral with over 8k retweets and earning praise from several others:

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