Employees Gift Boss A Brand New SUV As Thanks For His Care & Support Over The Years

The employees said their boss did not pay himself a salary for four years while building the company.

Cover image via 7272 Ong 百果園 (Facebook)

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A team of employees in Johor recently surprised their boss with a brand new car to thank him for the love and support he has shown them while growing the business

Taking to Facebook, the employees of fruit store chain 7272 Ong showed off that they bought their benevolent boss, Diong Ong Ham, a brand new Toyota Harrier to exemplify what a great man he is.

"He is the top decision-maker in the company. But not only is he the CEO, he is also a staff in the advertising department, a customer service backend representative, and a store salesman.

"He is a person who takes care of the people in front of him to the extreme," they wrote of his kindness to his employees and dedication to the company.

However, the employees revealed that he has not paid himself a salary for all the years of hard work he has contributed.

"He has only taken a symbolic salary, we think he has contributed over four years of unpaid work to the company," they said.

Therefore, last week, in a decision that was supported by his wife, the employees gifted Diong a brand new SUV

"Thank you for making us realise that our greatest strength is in being kind to the people around us.

"Love is a two-sided effort, and so, all of us were very happy to say today, 'Boss, we bought a car for you!'" they shared, with photos of their happy boss sitting in the brand new car.

According to China Press, Diong has been running the fruit store business for four years, and has watched his company grow from just a handful of staff to about 40 people, with some employees even taking on managerial roles and becoming shareholders.

Diong told the Chinese daily that he was taken aback by the gift, and joked that maybe he has been too frugal, which is why his team may have wanted to surprise him with such a big gift.

However, he thanked his employees for their sincere gratitude and friendship, which he said he cherishes more than worldly possessions.

"I think I'm so lucky. All the other luxury cars can't compare to this car of mine," he said.

The touching display of gratitude has warmed the hearts of many netizens, who praised both the boss and the employees

"Boss, you're so blessed. I hope all your wishes come true and that all your employees will always be happy and healthy. Happy new year!" commented a Facebook user.

"I also think your boss, Brother Diong, is such a nice man. So easy-going! Your fruits are also always fresh. Sincerity will always be met with sincerity," said a customer.

Another netizen said, "Wow, your boss must be such a nice man to have such grateful employees. Congratulations."

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