Johor Man Gets Small Cuts On His Face From Wearing Designer Face Mask With Exposed Metal

He said that he has been offered monetary compensation and a gift by the Jovian RTW team.

Cover image via @syaz_bay (Twitter)

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Editor's note: The story has been updated to include Jovian RTW's statement on the issue.

A man in Johor recently took to Twitter to share his experience where he sustained small cuts to his nose after wearing a face mask from renowned local designer, Jovian Mandagie

On 24 June, 23-year-old Syazwan posted a series of photos along with a caption that read, "The product, the effect."

His tweet has since garnered over 3,300 retweets and 5,400 likes.

Syazwan told SAYS that he believes that if he wasn't careful in taking off the face mask, he would've cut himself more severely due to an exposed piece of metal on the product

The product he purchased was from the designer's ready-to-wear line, Jovian RTW. The Jovian Disposable 3-Ply Black Monogram Mask comes in a box of 30 pieces and retails for RM25.

Syazwan explained, "Yesterday, 24 June, I went to the supermarket to buy some items. While I was wearing that mask, I felt something stuck to my nose. I opened my mask slowly and saw a thin piece of metal sticking out from the fabric."

He said it resulted in a little bit of bleeding.

"If I had not taken off the mask carefully, maybe my nose could've been torn," he added.

The man has since filed a report to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) and a representative from the designer's team has reached out to him

"I lodged a report to KPDNHEP so this incident will not happen again," he told SAYS.

He also said that he has been offered monetary compensation and a gift by the Jovian RTW team.

SAYS has reached out to Jovian RTW for a statement, and they assured that the issue has been resolved.

A representative of the brand said, "We are now pleased to let you know that the issue has been resolved internally and peacefully between our side and Mr Shazwan himself, in an appropriate manner. We have also given compensation to Mr Shazwan as our way to apologize for the incident and he has gladly agreed to accept such compensation."

"Please know that this kind of incident has actually never happened before with any of our customers since we launched our product as we take measures of quality control on all of our products. However, we have taken serious steps to ensure that we will not repeat such incidents again," they added.

Here are a few things you should take note of when wearing a face mask:

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