Johor Sultan's New Supermarket Will Sell Goods 10% Cheaper Than Others

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar will be cooperating with a major supermarket to operate in Johor.

Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar announced his plans to open a supermarket in the state yesterday, 28 March

In a Facebook post, Sultan Ibrahim revealed that he plans to cooperate with a major supermarket to operate in Johor. 

"His Royal Highness, who is currently on a personal visit in the Middle East, keeps his people's needs on his mind," the post read. 

The Sultan revealed that the supermarket will sell essential goods at lower prices compared to others

"This supermarket has given its assurance that it can sell items at 10% lower (than other supermarkets) and at the same time, maintain its quality," he said. 

"This will enable the people, especially the lower-income group, to obtain basic and daily essentials at affordable prices," he added.

More information on the supermarket will be unveiled in the near future

"Efforts to help the people, especially the low-income group, remains the Johor Sultan's top priority," the Facebook post read. 

You can read the Sultan's Facebook post here:

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