Kajang Municipal Council Staff Seen Taking Away Stray Dogs Protecting Homeless Man

Kajang Municipal Council (MPKJ) conducted an operation to catch stray dogs last Friday, 20 November.

Cover image via Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (Facebook)

Malaysians are chastising Kajang Municipal Council (MPKJ) after they posted a photo of them catching stray dogs that can be seen shielding a homeless man in Kajang

According to a Facebook post published yesterday, 22 November, MPKJ's Town Services and Health Department (JPPK) conducted an operation to catch stray dogs at 12 different areas last Friday, 20 November.

MPKJ wrote in the caption of the post that the operation resulted in 20 stray dogs being captured.

Among the 17 photos in the post, one shows a pack of stray dogs surrounding a homeless man who is lying on the sidewalk as they face MPKJ officials with catch poles in their hands.

One of the dogs can be seen in a fearful and aggressive stance, while other dogs look frightened in the back.

While it is unclear what the relationship between the homeless man and the dogs is, many netizens think that the homeless man takes care of the canine friends

"See how heartless and cruel these people (MPKJ officials) are to a homeless man. All he had was those dogs," Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue wrote in a Facebook post, condemning the municipal council's action.

"Look at the photo, they never left the man even they were about to be caught and killed by MPKJ."

At the time of writing, the photo has gone viral with over 1,500 likes and 600 shares

Many netizens rushed to the comment section to criticise MPKJ's cruel operation, which the latter deemed as an achievement.

"Have they got no shame and heart at all? This really saddened my heart tremendously. The dogs could be the only emotional support he has. Why do people [have] to be so cruel!" a netizen said.

"The dogs thought they [are] going to harm the man and not knowing that they came to catch them instead. They want to protect him. Very sad and painful to see such photos," one Facebook user added.

Another person wrote, "The cruelty is next level. This is shameful and such an international disgrace to Malaysia."

"Sadly, they think of this as a trophy photo like how westerners did in Africa savannahs back then. And the government and councils aren't even giving a thought into changing their current methods make me sick," a comment read.

Image via Facebook

You can see all the photos in MPKJ's post here.

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