This Malaysian Cancer Patient Is On An Awesome Hitchhiking Adventure Around The Country


Cover image via Facebook/ Zaki Bijak

"Cancer is not a one-way ticket to death."

That phrase is certainly difficult to believe but Zaki Mohd Yamani has made it his mission to remind cancer patients that life is worth fighting for.

The 27-year-old was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin Lymphoma back in 2014. Hodgkin lymphoma is a rare type of cancer that develops in the lymphatic system, which is basically the network of vessels and glands spread throughout your body.

Having battled the disease for almost two years, Zaki finally decided to show the world that cancer patients too can lead active lives, if their health condition permits it.

His main mission is to encourage other cancer patients to continue fighting for their lives, to not give up and also raise awareness about the disease.

What did Zaki decide to do? Hitchhike around peninsular Malaysia with ONLY RM13!

With only RM13, his IC, driving license, and some clothes, Zaki started his journey on Saturday morning, 27 August, from his mother's house in Kampung Bukit Rang Dua, Pulau Tawar, Pahang.

The journey that began in Pahang is expected to last for 13 days, till 8 September. Zaki has been digitaltally documenting his journey through his Facebook posts, by updating his locations, thanking the kind people he met along the way, and constantly reminding people of the joys of living.

"I initially wanted to go overseas as the concept of hitchhiking is more common and popular there, but I changed my plans due to my financial and health constraints."

He then thought that he would just hitchhike to the northern part of Malaysia from his home in Pahang but then he eventually made up his mind to make it a Peninsular Malaysia trip.

Three days into the trip, Zaki revealed that he's yet to use his cash stash thanks to random acts of kindness from the people he's met along the way!

From providing him with accommodation, food, transport, and tickets to his next destination, Zaki admits that the hitchhiking trip has been going smoothly thanks to the generosity and kindness of these people.

Zaki at Sungai Korok, Jitra, Kedah, after the spending the night with this helpful couple.

Image via Facebook/ Zaki Bijak

Zaki's breakfast on Monday, 29 August.

Image via Facebook/ Zaki Bijak

More kind samaritans that Zaki met along the way...

Ah Soon & Mr Loh

Image via Facebook/ Zaki Bijak

Zaki will be making his way to Penang tomorrow, 31 August. Be sure to share a meal or two if you run into the adventurous young man! :)

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