'Karen' Who Refused To Wear Mask At Multiple Malls Is Back With Her Song About "Freedom"

This time the woman wants Malaysians to 'rumah terbuka' because 'makanan enak'.

Cover image via @117WeThePeople (Twitter)

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A Caucasian woman, who first refused to wear a mask at a Dior boutique in Suria KLCC and later at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), is back again, this time with a bizarre two-minute-long video on Twitter

In the video posted on a Twitter handle, @117WeThePeople, yesterday, 6 November, the woman begins by first wishing good morning in Bahasa Melayu (BM) and then introducing herself by her first name.

"Selamat Pagi, I'm Kerry, aka, 'Karen Dior'," the woman says while revealing that she is from Manchester and has been living in Malaysia for the past 20 years in "peace and love".

"My heart, my soul, my children — all have a much-loved home here," she adds.

What starts as a pretty ordinary introduction soon transcends into incoherent musings about what "freedom" means and a bizarre appeal to Malaysians to 'rumah terbuka' because 'makanan enak'.

She philosophises that "our song is freedom"

And that this song gives her family and herself the freedom to do what they want.

"Our song is freedom, freedom to choose what we eat, where we go, who we go with, and what we do to our bodies — medically or otherwise. It is a choice, your choice, my choice. Many countries are giving the (mask) mandates [...] you are invited to read for yourselves and form your own opinion," the woman says as she goes silent for exactly seven seconds before exclaiming, in BM, 'rumah terbuka', and giggles.

"Open your eyes," she says as she looks straight into the camera

She asks people to open their hearts, open their souls, and their homes.

"Open house. Love, laughter, joy," she says and uses 'makanan enak' (tasty food) as the reason.

Imagine an open house every day for the rest of your lives, all Malaysians, all one all united.
Kerry aka Karen Dior

The woman, who has been fined RM3,000 for the incident in Suria KLCC, then takes a moment and proclaims that "a man who does not know his rights has no rights" while emphasising that "we are free".

However, the most bizarre part of the video is its ending

She uses a political slur that is used by Republican politicians against US President Joe Biden.

"Let's Go Brandon," she says as the video ends.

The phrase "Let's Go Brandon" is a deliberately misspelt slur to mean "F_ck Joe Biden".

At the time of writing this story, Malaysians have — once again — trended the word "Karen" with over 61,000 tweets and counting

The video, meanwhile, has over 235,000 views with the tweet containing it has been ratioed.

Read more about her case here:

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