Fed-Up With Worsening Haze, 52-Year-Old Kedah Man Sues Indonesian Government For RM429Mil

This, while Malaysia says it won't pressure Indonesia over the haze issue.

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Earlier this week, 22 October, Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi said the Malaysian Government will not pressure Indonesian Government over the haze issue, claiming that the neighbouring country has already shown a high commitment to overcome the matter

However, one Kedah businessman is not having it

He is fed up with the worsening air quality and has made a police report over the Indonesian Government's botched handling of the fires in Sumatra, which he says has caused deteriorating air quality in Malaysia that affected his family's health.

Next, he plans to sue the Indonesian government for RM429 million

"I plan to take up the matter to the International Court of Justice and want to claim USD100 million (RM429 million) from the Indonesian government," said 52-year-old M. Guna­­se­karan to The Star Online.

And he is pretty serious about his police report

"I am serious about my report as the haze has taken a toll on my children's health (who are aged between 14 and 18) as well as the public. This matter cannot be taken lightly as thousands of children are affected by the closing of schools. If my story is fake, you can sue me, but everyone is affected by the haze, right?, Gunasekaran, who lives in Sungai Petani, Kedah, said while expressing his frustration about the haze, which, he added if no action is taken, will recur next year.

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The unprecedented move came as the Air Pollutant Index hit "very unhealthy" levels in Kepala Batas and other areas earlier this week. North Seberang Perai OCPD confirmed the police report.

“We do not stop the public from lodging any report. Since there are no criminal elements, we are not investigating the report and will let the complainant pursue his intention to sue the Indonesian government on his own accord,” North Seberang Perai OCPD Asst Comm Azmi Adam said.

Meanwhile, Mr Guna­­se­karan's intentions are noble

Because the 52-year-old businessman plans to donate the compensation money to needy schools and charitable organisations "if" he wins the case!

On the other hand: