Kedah MB Allegedly Says He Won't Recognise White Flags Because It's 'Political Propaganda'

Kedah Menteri Besar (MB) Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor claimed the movement aims to tarnish the good name of the federal government, which has been "successful" in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cover image via Bernama via Malay Mail & Utusan Malaysia

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Kedah Menteri Besar (MB) Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor has allegedly said his state government will not recognise the #BenderaPutih movement as it is 'political propaganda'

The issue was first reported by Utusan Malaysia at 4.48pm yesterday, 1 July.

In the report, the Kedah state government said that they will not recognise the use of white flags as a sign of needing food aid during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

It is said that Sanusi's officials will only distribute food aid to those who make complaints through the official Disaster Control Operation Centre (PKOB) channel.

Kedah MB Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor.

Image via Bernama via Malay Mail

Expanding on his remarks, the Kedah MB said the claims of him not recognising or helping those who raised white flags were a "spin" by a media outlet

"No need to raise white flags, just call for help," he told Free Malaysia Today.

"There is a lot of spin, and the headline itself is propaganda," Sanusi said in reference to a report that says he won't help those who raise white flags.

Sanusi added that the white flag movement is 'political propaganda' aimed at tarnishing the good work of the federal government.

"I have seen pictures of opposition MPs (members of Parliament) helping people put up white flags at their homes. But for what? Better for the MP to bring food baskets to the homes (of those in need) rather than to help them put up white flags," he told Free Malaysia Today.

"Is this not political propaganda? No need for white flags. You can call us or WhatsApp your state assemblyman's service centre."

Meanwhile, a report by PAS mouthpiece Harakah Daily details how Sanusi thinks less of the white flag movement and describes opposition MPs as "not intelligent"

"These people don't have any work to do. They told people to raise white flags. There are opposition leaders who help raise white flags at people's homes," said the PAS leader.

"That is not the job of the people's representatives. That's the work of not intelligent people. Please be a little bit more intelligent."

He went on to say that the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government has been "successful" in handling the COVID-19 pandemic in the nation.

According to him, the white flag movement is merely a propaganda tool used to create a perception to the people that the current government has failed.

He also stressed that raising the white flag is a sign of defeat used only two situations — to declare surrender and to tell their boxing coach in a middle of a match that they can no longer continue fighting.

He urges members of the public to not give up fighting nor show defeat so early.

Unlike what Sanusi claimed, the rakyat believe that the #BenderaPutih movement is not about admitting defeat in the current social context, but a call to urgently help those in need:

Here are individuals who have received help after flying a white flag outside their homes:

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