Kelantan Palace: Social Media Posts About Sultan Muhammad V's Private Life Are Defamatory

The palace also said that the Sultan expresses regret over the personal choices made in his private life that have caused confusion among Malaysians.

Cover image via NSTP & Rihana Oksana Petra

The Kelantan Palace yesterday released a statement slamming social media postings about His Royal Highness Sultan Muhammad V's private life, calling them inappropriate and defamatory

In the statement issued by the Kelantan Palace on Friday, 6 September, Comptroller of the Royal Household Nik Mohd Shafriman Nik Hassan said that the Palace decided to "deviate from the norm and respond to untrue and defamatory statements circulating on social media" to clear the confusion caused by them among the rakyat.

"The Kelantan Palace strongly denies all comments that are untrue and defamatory posted along with the pictures. The Palace would like to urge the rakyat not to be swayed by the dissemination of false and untrue information on social media.

"Only official statements from the Kelantan Palace and HRH Sultan Muhammad V's lawyers can be considered as accurate information and should be used as a point of reference for the rakyat and media practitioners," the Royal Household Comptroller said.

Image via The Borneo Post

The Royal Household Comptroller said the lies told on social media had deeply upset the Sultan and defamed the Kelantan royal family

"His Royal Highness Sultan Muhammad V, as the Kelantan Ruler, should not be associated with slander and the subject of lies on social media. These lies have defamed the Kelantan Sultanate and the Kelantan royal family," Nik Mohd said.

In the statement, Nik Mohd also said that Sultan Muhammad V has expressed regret and deep sadness over the personal choices made in his private life that caused confusion among Malaysians

HRH Sultan of Kelantan also expresses his regret over the personal choices made in his private life that has caused confusion among Malaysians, leading to dissension on social media when fuelled with unreliable hearsay.

According to Nik Mohd, the spread of misleading rumours about the Sultan's private life has led to various disagreement in social media among his subjects.

"His Royal Highness hopes that the people would spare their time to pray for the health and well-being of His Royal Highness' ailing father, His Royal Highness Sultan Ismail Petra, whom he loves dearly. May Allah bless the people of Kelantan and Malaysia."

The statement from the Sultan Palace comes days after the Kelantan Sultan's ex-wife shared details on her Instagram account, hinting she is ready to tell all about their brief marriage:

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