KFC Singapore Will No Longer Provide Plastic Lids And Straws With Dine In Drinks

The move is in line with the fast-food chain's No Straws Initiative.

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Yesterday, 18 June, KFC Singapore announced that their branches will no longer be providing plastic lids and straws with dine in drinks

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All 84 KFC outlets in Singapore will adopt this practice starting Wednesday, 20 June, in an effort to reduce single-use plastics, Channel NewsAsia reported.

However, plastic lids will still be given for takeaway drinks.

The fast-food chain revealed that the decision is in line with its No Straws Initiative, with a target of reducing 17.8 metric tonnes of single-use plastics in a year

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Lynette Lee, general manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken Management, said that, "We acknowledge the strain that single-use plastics put on our environment and are taking steps to do our part in endeavouring a change."

"We recognise that every little bit counts and are proud to be the first fast food restaurant in Singapore to champion this movement, one straw at a time," she added.

No stranger to environmental initiatives, KFC Singapore has been slowly moving towards the use of more recyclable packaging

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According to Channel NewsAsia, the fast-food chain phased out dine-in paper boxes and served meals in reusable baskets in December 2016.

Earlier last year, it replaced the foam packaging for their breakfast platters and porridge bowls with recyclable paper packaging.

Within six months, their use of paper boxes and foam packaging was reduced by nearly 2.5 million and 700,000 sets respectively.

KFC Singapore said that it will continue to review and roll out the use of more biodegradable packaging.

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