Kind Foodpanda Rider Voluntarily Returns Missing Parcel He Found On The Road

"I've ordered things online before and I know how it feels to wait for them to arrive."

Cover image via Muhammad Shabri/Facebook & Kami Penduduk Bentong/Facebook

Netizens are touched by a Foodpanda rider's good deed of going out of his way to return a random parcel he found on the road

The parcel's owner, Nur Farah Ayu, shared her gratitude in the Facebook group 'Kami Penduduk Bentong' after the rider, Muhammad Shabri, kindly brought the parcel directly to her doorstep last Friday, 8 May.

"My things fell on the road but it was found by a Foodpanda driver. He called and delivered the parcel right to my home. He's such a good person, may he be blessed," said Nur Farah.

The post has gotten over 1,200 reactions and hundreds of comments from netizens commending him for his kind deed.

Nur Farah also updated the post to clarify that she has no ill feelings toward the J&T courier company driver who had also contacted her to apologise for accidentally losing her parcel.

Shabri was surprised to find out Nur Farah shared the incident online and was initially worried that it would bring up issues for the driver

"Maybe he did not realise that he dropped the parcel," he told mStar in an interview.

"I only sincerely wanted to help, no other intentions. I just found the item and delivered it," he explained.

Shabri shared that he has been working as a Foodpanda rider around Bentong, Pahang for about a month now and had just completed a delivery when he came across the package.

He said that he realised the receiver's address was close to his work headquarters where he was headed, and so thought he should just drop it off at her house instead of returning it to the J&T office.

However, Nur Farah was not at home the first time he went. So, Shabri left a message and called her again later to which she answered.

With no hesitation, he rode back and delivered the parcel to its rightful owner. He said she even offered to him an award, but he rejected it kindly.

"My intention was sincere. I've ordered things online before and I know how it feels to wait for them to arrive. I just placed myself in her shoes," said the delivery rider.

Shabri's message to Nur Farah to let her know that he had her parcel.

Image via Kami Penduduk Bentong/Facebook

Netizens showered Shabri with praise for his honesty

"Respect bro Foodpanda. Thank you for being honest and returning the package to its owner. I wish you all the best," said a Facebook user.

This user said, "Honest and filled with a sense of responsibility to return the fallen parcel. Congratulations and thank you, Foodpanda brother."

While this other user said, "You will be blessed. This is the meaning of honesty and the responsibility of a dispatcher. I hope your deeds are returned in favour."

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