M'sian Treats Unemployed Man To Lunch After Seeing Him Trying To Sleep Off His Hunger

He found out that the man was also recently evicted from his home.

Cover image via @hariskacho (TikTok)

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A Malaysian man recently shared on TikTok about how he was approached by a stranger who asked if he could pay for his lunch

In the 29-second clip, the TikTok user, Haris, can be seen talking to the man in a green shirt in front of a food stall in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Haris said that the stranger approached him while he was queuing to pay for his lunch and asked Haris if he could treat him to a meal because he had recently been fired from his job.

According to the text in the video, at first, Haris tells the man that he is unable to do so because he thinks that the stranger is begging him for some cash.

"I thought that he was asking me for money, so I told him sorry because he looked like a healthy man," Haris shared.

The stranger then walks away, but Haris soon realises that the man was not begging for money, but rather asking if he could pay for his lunch

Haris then looks for the man and finds him sitting alone in the shopping mall's food court.

"I went to look for him and saw that he was sitting and trying to sleep to relieve his hunger at a table in Pavilion's food court," Haris wrote.

"I immediately called him and asked him for lunch."

After paying for the man's lunch, Haris found out that he was recently evicted from his home because he did not have enough money to pay his rent due to his employer withholding his salary

The man also admitted to Haris that he had become so desperate that he has considered borrowing money from loan sharks, but Haris persuaded him not to do so and to keep fighting.

"He wanted to borrow money from Ah Longs (loan sharks) and I told him not to resort to that route and to not give up," said Haris.

"May God ease his journey and help him find a job soon."

Malaysians were touched by Haris' story and sympathised with the stranger

One user commented that they cried while watching Haris' video because they were in the same situation as the man.

"I didn't ask for money at the time, but I really wanted to ask anyone if they could buy me just a plate of white rice because I was so hungry," they said.

Image via TikTok

Many users thanked Haris for his kindness, and some hoped that Haris' good deeds would be handsomely rewarded.

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, one user spoke ill about employers who withhold their workers' salaries.

Image via TikTok

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