KJ Lodges Report Against Najib Over Claims That The Ex-FM Stole RM18B In GST Refunds

The Rembau MP wants an open investigation into LGE's claims.

Cover image via NST Online (edited)

Earlier today, 9 August, opposition leader Khairy Jamaluddin took to his Twitter account to say that he will be "lodging a report" with police and MACC against former top officials of the Finance Ministry

While the Rembau MP did not name names, this basically means that he will be naming Najib, who was the Finance Minister at the time, among the people in his report.

The reason Khairy wants an open investigation over current FM Lim Guan Eng's claims that BN "robbed" RM18 billion of GST tax refunds so that guilty parties can be brought to "justice" as it's a serious allegation and we should not be "left with sensational headlines"

According to Lim Guan Eng, the Barisan Nasional government didn't refund companies their tax credits from GST because RM18 billion of the RM19.4 billion money was not placed in the trust account

"I was very shocked when informed that this happened because the previous government had failed to enter the GST collection in the trust account specifically meant for repaying GST claims.

"Instead, the Barisan Nasional government pilfered the trust account and entered cash GST collection directly into the consolidated fund as revenues to be spent freely," Lim Guan Eng said this in Parliament on Wednesday, 8 August.

He said that his Ministry will launch an internal investigation into the RM18 billion of GST refunds missing from the trust account to seek to establish the circle of decision-makers from the previous BN administration who were responsible.

"For us internally, I think we want to have something definite because we want to look at the circle of the decision makers," Malay Mail reported him as saying.

At around 2pm Khairy lodged a police report at IPD Sentul for an open investigation into the claims made by Lim Guan Eng that the BN government has 'robbed' RM18 billion in GST refunds

What do you think about Khairy's decision to file a report?

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