KJ Overturns 'No Recording During Vaccination' Rule

The permission to record the vaccination process came following claims of empty vaccine doses by netizens.

Cover image via Hari Anggara/Malay Mail & Free Malaysia Today

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The COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) Minister-in-Charge Khairy Jamaluddin has directed all vaccine administration centres (PPVs) to allow people to film themselves when receiving their vaccination

Khairy, who is also the Science, Technology, and Innovation Minister, said in a press conference today, 23 July, that the CITF would like to ensure everyone has a smooth vaccination process.

"If it wasn't permitted before, I'm now allowing it, and I've requested the Health Minister's approval to allow the public to record their vaccination process," he said.

"Go ahead and record yourself, shoot a video of your vaccination so that not only you will have hard proof, we will also have hard proof that you've received an appropriate dosage of the vaccine."

He also reiterated that the standard operating procedure (SOP) of showing the vaccine recipient the syringe filled with the proper amount of vaccine before administering the jab must be followed.

The permission to record the vaccination process came following claims of empty vaccination doses

"Only 13 police reports of empty syringe incidents had been filed out of the 16 million doses administered," Khairy said, adding that nevertheless, all vaccine allegations received from the public were taken seriously.

He also reassured that the empty syringe issue has no relation with the vaccine selling syndicate.

"I don't want to downplay this (issue) because even if there is only one mistake, that mistake is too much for me," Khairy said.

"Please accept my apologies for the cases where there were human negligence. We will do better."

He hopes that Malaysians would continue to support the frontliners despite this issue.

Previously, the Science, Technology, and Innovation Deputy Minister Datuk Ahmad Amzad Hashim said that allowing vaccine recipients to record the process might slow things down at PPVs

"Sorry, the government cannot meet the public's request to take pictures or videos while being injected at the PPV," he said to Berita Harian earlier today.

However, he said that people are encouraged to ask the PPV staff to show them the syringe before and after the injection for reassurance that the injections do indeed contain the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Tuesday, 20 July, Berita Harian reported that the Health Minister, Dr Adham Baba, said those who received empty shots will be called in for vaccination again.

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