Kuching Man Who Publicly Beat Up His Former Son-In-Law Responds To "Gang Member" Claims

Wong Mu Xiang recently beat up his former son-in-law after being told that his daughter was abused by the man.

Cover image via Vinc Lo/Wong Mu Xiang (edited)

Last week, Wong Mu Xiang was filmed beating up his former son-in-law in Kuching, Sarawak, for allegedly abusing his daughter

Wong was seen yelling at his former son-in-law.

Image via Vinc Lo/Facebook

In a viral video of the beating, Wong alleged that the man had abused his daughter and neglected their child.

"I didn't raise my daughter to have you beat her up," he yelled at the son-in-law in the video.

It is understood that Wong's daughter had divorced the man prior to the beating.

Wong's former son-in-law.

Image via Vinc Lo/Facebook

While many have praised Wong for defending his daughter against the man, some have accused the 48-year-old of being a gang member based on his behaviour and tattoos

"Who asked you (the son-in-law) to borrow money from the loanshark? (You) know how to borrow, but don't know how to pay back," one netizen wrote.

Image via Facebook

Other netizens also accused Wong of being a gang member.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

In response to netizens, Wong stressed that he is a tattoo model

"I'm not a gang member. The tattoos on my body are for artistic purposes, they have nothing to do with gangs," Wong told Sin Chew Daily yesterday, 30 October.

According to China Press, Wong has also joined international tattoo competitions as a member of a local tattoo group.

Wong's back tattoo.

Image via Wong Mu Xiang/Facebook

Wong is currently out on police bail after being detained for two days

China Press reported that Wong was detained by the Kuching Police for two days before being released on bail on 29 October. 

While Kuching Deputy Police Chief Supt Ismail Mahmood confirmed that the beating allegedly took place because of a domestic abuse case, Sin Chew Daily reported him as saying that people should not take their family problems to the streets.

You can watch the video of the incident here:

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