Landlady Finds Her House Covered In Filth After Tenant Of 9 Years Leaves Without Notice


Cover image via Nathalie Ruangdet

Last week, Nathalie Ruangdet took to Facebook to share photos of her house which was rented out to the same tenant for nine years

To say that the photos depict a nightmare no house owner wants to experience would be an understatement.

It looks like the toilet was never once cleaned by the tenant, with the entirety of the area covered in filth!

It looks like it was never once cleaned by the tenant who stayed there for nine years.

According to Nathalie, the tenant left without saying a word, leaving the keys with the security guard and didn't even ask for her deposit

In her Facebook post, the landlady revealed that when the tenant - a single woman - had approached her, she seemed like "a good person".

The woman was disciplined in paying her rent money. And when she did miss her payments, she would always make it a point to notify her, Nathalie revealed.

Other times, she would even pay in advance.

Given the dismal condition of the house, Nathalie assumed that the tenant had left the house a long ago. However, neighbours informed her that the woman was in the house most of the time.

The filth was so hard to remove that it took five cleaners to clean the whole place.

"I have never seen a house dirtier than this," one of the cleaners told Nathalie.

While one wouldn't blame Nathalie if she was angry, she's not. Instead, she was more concerned about the tenant's well-being.

I just wonder how you can still live in a house like this. What a strange life.
Nathalie Ruangdet.

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