LGE Scraps Project Costing RM7 Million Approved By BN To Bulletproof The MOF Building

He described the project as "a waste of money".

Cover image via Channel NewsAsia (edited)

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has decided to terminate project costing RM7 million to bulletproof the Ministry of Finance building

According to a Malaysiakini interview of Lim Guan Eng, the project was approved by the previous BN administration and it was meant to replace the windows on the top three floors of the Finance Ministry building in Putrajaya with bulletproof glass.

The Finance Minister described the RM7 million project as a waste of money, saying how it exemplified the excesses of the previous BN administration.

"RM7 million for bulletproof glass, this is how they wasted money," LGE said.

The 10th floor of the Finance Ministry building contained the offices of the deputy treasury secretaries-general and the 11th floor the offices of finance ministers and deputy ministers during the BN era

The 12th floor, the topmost floor in the building, was reserved for meeting rooms.

Image via NST Online

In the Malaysiakini interview published today, 14 October, LGE quipped that "there are easier ways to kill me than using a sniper"

Image via Mkini

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