This Librarian's "Confession" Accurately Describes How Entitled Some Uni Students Can Be


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We all know the basic rules when going to a library - be quiet, use your inside voice if you really need to speak, no food and drink... you know, just the common sense stuff

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However, as anyone who's ever been to a college or university library can attest, it's not uncommon for some students to ignore these rules. In fact, this writer has personally witnessed students watching movies or playing music without earphones on in the library... and that's not even the worst of it.

Hence, it's no surprise that librarians tend to get viciously criticised for reprimanding or kicking students out for breaking those rules. Well, a library staff member from a private university in PJ has had enough.

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"To those who felt offended by me telling you off for talking, take a moment to remember that silence is expected at ANY library. Of course, we're not draconian by not allowing any conversation at all. Just do it at the designated floors. Don't be a bother to those who expect absolute silence at the appropriately named "Silent Study" areas.

If you are talking in such areas, rest assured, I will be there, DOING MY JOB," he wrote in a post published on the university's Confessions page.

Besides calling out students who eat in the library, the librarian also chided those who go to the library just to sleep, pointing out that it's "unfair" to those who are unable to find a spot to study

"Next, to the ones eating in the library. Of all places, you just had to eat in the library. Come on, you seriously can't expect me to turn a blind eye to this?," he wrote.

"Moving on to those sleeping in the library. Common sense dictates that you don't go to the library to sleep.

All of you should realise by now that seating is limited. Wouldn't it be unfair to those who come to the library specifically to study, just to find others sleeping all over the place, hogging the seats and sofas? Please be considerate."

He also responded to an anonymous student who insisted that the library staff should "take commands" from students as they are the ones paying resource fees i.e. the staff's salary

"Just because you pay the resource fees, doesn't mean you own me," the librarian wrote.

"I'm not paid to cater to your whims and fancy. I'm being paid to make sure the library is a conducive place to complement your studies. If that means telling off conceited, entitled brats that fail to even comprehend the simple notion of following rules, then so be it. My obligations are only to those who use the library for it's intended purpose."

For context, this is the post he was referring to:

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In wrapping up his piece, the librarian apologised if he'd "inadvertently offended" any students, saying that he did not intend to be "rude or appear aloof".

"It was never my intention to be rude or appear aloof. That said, I won't claim to be perfect. I am human, after all. It is entirely possible that in the course of carrying out my duties, I may have inadvertently offended some of you. For that, I sincerely apologise. It was never personal, so please don't take it that way.

I won't though, apologise for why I did it. So, to those of you who break library rules, I will still call you out on it. I'll make sure I smile this time," he concluded.

So, what do the students have to say about the librarian's side of the story? Based on the comments following the publication of his post, many seem to agree with his stance.

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Do you think librarians have the right to reprimand and even kick students out if they refuse to adhere to the library's rules? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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