Local Actress Suffers Backlash After Criticising A MAS Flight Attendant

"Learn to carry your own bags."

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A local actress had a rather unhappy experience with a Malaysia Airlines (MAS) air stewardess when she travelled with the national carrier recently

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Actress Nur Fathia Latiff took to Twitter recently to voice her dissatisfaction when she asked a flight attendant to help her with her bag, but the air stewardess refused and claimed to be suffering from a backache.

"Get some rest la tak payah kerja kalau ada backache (Get some rest. Don't have to work if you have backache)," she tweeted.

Nur Fathia has since deleted that tweet but a screenshot of the post has been circulating on social media.

Following that, Nur Fathia wrote another two posts to explain herself

She stressed that she did not "command" the flight attendant to carry her bag and was instead asking for a "favour".

She added that the flight attendant did not "have to be rude by raising her voice and making faces".

However, she has come under fire after her comments went viral on social media

Many netizens have slammed Nur Fathia for her sense of entitlement and have defended the air stewardess, saying that cabin crew are not obligated to carry heavy luggage for passengers.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

This fiasco also saw people educating others about the duties of the cabin crew in regards to safety and service

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An image that has been making its round on social media details the role of passengers and cabin crew in regards to cabin luggage handling. It is believed that the image is a photograph of a page from Going Places, a Malaysia Airlines’ on-board magazine.

It is stated that "cabin crew are no longer required to stow passenger's hand luggage into the overheard stowage compartment" in accordance with the airline's policy and in observing Occupational, Safety and Health Regulation requirements.

However, it was highlighted that the cabin crew will assist passengers travelling with infants, young passengers travelling alone, the elderly, and passengers with reduced mobility.

This isn't the first time a local artist has received backlash for criticising a flight attendant

A screenshot of a part of Ainan Tasneem's Instagram post, which was later deleted.

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Earlier this year, netizens condemned singer Ainan Tasneem for dissing a cabin crew on social media regarding the same matter.

Ainan wrote a post on Instagram back in March about an AirAsia steward named Mohd Ridzwan who was accused of having "no manners" and "no ethics" after he reluctantly helped her cousin who was having difficulty in stowing her luggage due to her height.

People chided her for going overboard with the issue and for being disrespectful and ignorant about a cabin crew's job scope. She has since posted a public apology on her social media accounts and a personal apology to Mohd Ridzwan.

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